The Art of Zapotec Weaving

Teotitlan Fiesta


Image of Teotitlan Fiesta Image of Teotitlan Fiesta

One of a kind piece inspired by ancient Zapotec motifs depicting the cycle of life and the eye of god (motif found in archeological site in Teotitlan Del Valle, Oaxaca). Piece hand-woven on a treadle loom using 100% sheep wool and dyed with natural pigment such as Cochineal bug, (red spectrum), Indigo (blue spectrum), wild marigold flower (yellow spectrum), pecan shells (light brown), pomegranate fruit (black/ gold), tree moss (beige). This unique piece will add a beautiful accent to your home.
Due to the hand made process slight variation in color and size sometime may occur making them one of a kind.
Size: 16”x5’

Care instructions: This piece may be washed with cold water and using mild sope. Lightly shake.